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Boarding | Pet Sitting

Boarding Program another alternative to Pet Sitting Services
If you are interested in our boarding program-we offer our home boarding for our current clients. This is our home which offers a home setting located on Glenview/Niles border. We have 2x fenced in yard and run space for unlimited use. A loving family for tons of love and affection.

Dogs must be okay with all other dogs of any breed and size
potty/house trained
up to date/ must have all their shots/proof of vaccinations, spayed or neutered (younger than 1year exceptions can be made)
Must be okay with children 7 years and up and acclimate well in an active household.
Dogs are crated at night or when no one is present for safety and to assure no mischievous plans are at bay.  Some dogs prefer the safety of their crate. For that reason, we provide crates around the home for them to seek at their pleasure. 

Cost | Introductions and process 
For boarding we charge $75 a day/night...  $85 during Peak Dates. This includes pick up and drop off ( a 3 hour window must be given to allow flexibility in our day and scheduling, client does not need to be home).
We do not have personal drop offs at our home. Some dogs maybe shy and may open up faster with a stranger and may guard their owners. We are very experienced with introductions and pet behavior. Sometimes less is more. This policy and routine over the years has proven to be the best and most effective.  This also helps keep our neighbors happy with less traffic and also to keep a well-balanced flow at our home with all our clients coming in and out which makes for a smooth transition for all.

Add ONs to Boarding
nail trim and ear cleaning, daily cooked meals and Basic Bath with soothing Lavender, Oatmeal, Coconut or Shea Butter.
What to Bring and What is available:
Beds, Blankets, Cots, Crates, Bowls, Treats and toys (disinfected and cleaned regularly) are provided as well as hugs and cuddles with a loving family. Only the necessities are allowed which helps keep disease, critters at bay with transferring from each household.
Collar, Leash Food and Treats at minimum 
Favorite toys or stuffed animals are allowed but will get destroyed by friends so send at your own risk.
They have a full range of the house which is 2levels.

New Boarding Clients-
If you are not a current client, please check to see if we are accepting new clients at this time. If you are not a client and we have openings you must have a trial day/night (daily boarding fee applied) to make sure it is a good fit. At that time a temperament test will be given and they will meet our alpha old man 10 year old Atticus and our playful 2 year old female Riz. 
Please email us at for more info 

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